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  Future – Draco Lyrics

Draco Lyrics [Intro] You better not raise your voice at me You know I got a pimp degree Pluto [Hook/Chorus] Draco season with the bookbag Backpack, got a little kick back Hundreds on hundreds got a good batch You ain’t never ever get you b***h back You ain’t never ever get you b***h back You […]

  Future – Zoom Lyrics

Zoom Lyrics [Intro] Bought a drop top Porsche, about to cut the top off Trapping is a sport young n***a get ya knocked off Hol’ up [Hook/Chorus] Turbo switching lanes, Hublot switch your watch Trapping switch the spots, when you’re running hot Feet on the gas, trapping dem bags Run up a sack and never […]

  Future – Good Dope Lyrics

Good Dope Lyrics [Intro] Wet, wet, wet, wet You know it’s Pluto [Hook/Chorus] Tiffany’s, Tiffany’s, we going shopping at Tiffany’s You cramping me, they amping me They bout to make me start bragging Five percent on the wagon I spit and I’m hot as a dragon My n****s in the streets be shooting My n****s […]

  Future – Rent Money Lyrics

Rent Money Lyrics [Intro] Super They go crazy Yeah, they coming in and out, in and out, in and out Trap spot booming [Hook/Chorus] Got the money coming in, it ain’t no issues I just a f****d a rapper b***h, I should diss you Got the Mac 11 cocked, it got the kick too Serving […]

  Trey Songz – Nobody Else But You Lyrics

Nobody Else But You Lyrics [Intro] I don’t want nobody else but you I don’t want nobody else but you, ooh ah ah Nobody else but you, ooh ah ah [Verse 1] She like what’s up what’s up with me and you, “ooh ah”, yeah What we fingnin fingnin to do “ooh ah ah” Lately […]

  Kodak Black – Tunnel Vision Lyrics

Tunnel Vision Lyrics [Intro] Southside And Lil Metro on that beat [Hook/Chorus] Lil Kodak they don’t like to see you winning They wanna see you in the penitentiary I need me a lil’ baby who gon’ listen Girl I don’t wanna be the one you igging My mama told me, (Boy make a decision) Right […]

  Wale – Shape Of You Remix Lyrics

Shape Of You Remix Lyrics [Intro – Wale] Wale though I said girl don’t you talk too much We ’bout to shine real soon, go [Verse 1 – Wale] SHINE season and it’s over 50k from the promoter You the type of lady I’ma hold down But for now I’ma need you to hold out […]

  Joey Badass – Victory Lyrics

Victory Lyrics [Hook/Chorus] And this feels like a victory The competition looks slim to me Yeah, ’cause this story is history Homie this my story, no mystery Yeah, ’cause this feels like a victory The competition looks slim to me Yeah, ’cause this story is history Homie this my story [Verse 1] First things first, […]

  Tink & G Herbo – Mine Lyrics

Mine Lyrics [Hook/Chorus – Tink & G Herbo] If only you were mine, if only you were mine Baby I’m thugging, I can’t be your boyfriend If only you were mine, if only you were mine Maybe I could be but I don’t know if I should be If only you were mine, if only […]

  Thundercat – Friend Zone Lyrics

Friend Zone Lyrics Verse 1: I’m your biggest fan, but I guess that’s just not good enough Is it cause I wear my hair, in or because I like to play Diablo Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking ’bout Cause I really don’t wanna have to spell it out And next time […]

  Kodak Black – Water Lyrics ft. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Water Lyrics Intro: I’m drowning I’m drowning I’m drowning I’m drowning Chorus: Wrist so icy, wonder why she like me, b***h I’m drowning In water, I just bought a Cuban, dipped it in a fountain Every where that I go it’s a light show, I’m surrounded Bust down, bust down, bust down, bust down, bust […]

  Nav – Some Way Lyrics ft. The Weeknd

Some Way Lyrics Intro: Yeah, nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah nah Nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah nah, yeah Verse 1: If I’ma talk, I’ma talk, I’ma keep it real Me and my boys, and my boys, we will split a pill Noodles and pots in a pot was a n***a meal […]

  Snoop Dogg – Original Is Never Finished Lyrics

Original Is Never Finished Lyrics [Verse 1] One of the greatest of them all Dogg Sinatra In pocket with the rocket, I got ya Awe and amazement Flippin through my pages I live my life lit up Lighting up these stages Ridiculous, outrageous, greatness, contagious Still on top, lookin’ ageless I plan my play then […]

  Desiigner – Original is Never Finished Remix Lyrics Ft MadeIntyo

Original is Never Finished Remix Lyrics [Verse 1: MadeInTYO] Gotta kick it proper Kick back, kick back, kick it like soccer Always do it my way, Mr. Frank Sinatra Gotta get my check up, we ain’t talkin’ doctors Yea, it ain’t nothin sweet With Adidas on your feet, you can’t do it like me Skrt […]

  BJ The Chicago Kid – Roses Lyrics

Roses Lyrics [Verse 1] Knock knock give it up She wanna play again But a n***a ain’t gonna go She go from the safe house to the trap house Then back to my front door She on the same old s**t Wanna see a n***a fold [Bridge] But I like it though Every man love […]

  Selena Gomez – Feel Me Lyrics

Feel Me Lyrics [Verse 1] No one love you like I love ya Never cheated, never lied Never put no one above ya I gave you space and time And now you’re telling me you miss it And I’m still on your mind We were one in a million Our love is hard to find […]

  DJ Khaled – Shining Lyrics ft. Beyoncé & Jay Z

Shining Lyrics [Intro – DJ Khaled & Beyoncé] Yeah, yeah We the Best music! I worked my whole life for this one Yeah Another one Yeah DJ Khaled! [Hook/Chorus – Beyoncé & DJ Khaled] Shining, shining, shining, shining, yeah “Shining, yeah” All of this winning, I’ve been losing my mind, yeah “Losing my mind” Oh, […]

  Rita Ora – Kiss Me Lyrics

Kiss Me Lyrics [Verse 1] I’ve found love before, but not like this Even though I’ve hurt before I’ll try this With you I’m comfortable, and I can’t hide it No I won’t hide it, no [Chorus] Kiss me where it hurts Show me something better Keep me lost for words So i only feel […]

  Fat Joe & Remy Ma – Heartbreak Lyrics ft. The-Dream

Heartbreak Lyrics [Verse 1 – Fat Joe] You should leave the house for a moment Lately I can’t help but to notice That he don’t acknowledge you Nah, he don’t be out with you I get it, I get it, where I’m from we on that b******t Yeah you love that b******t Real s**t, I […]

  Jacquees – Set It Off Lyrics Ft. DeJ Loaf

Set It Off Lyrics [Intro] What? Alright [Verse 1: Jacquees] How many licks do it take till you cum? All in your body, I hit it till you’re numb I know that you’re older, age ain’t nothin’ but a number Fuck the nigga that you got leachin’ over your shoulder Yeah, I’ma put you right […]

  Iggy Azalea – Haze Lyrics

Haze Lyrics [Verse 1: Iggy Azalea] I been, caught up in you and the things you doin’ And I, can’t lie to ya, I don’t even mind I been, tryna get used to how fast life been movin’ And looking for somethin’ outside this money to call mine Tell me, tell me, tell me baby […]

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