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  Rick Ross – Trap Trap Trap Lyrics ft. Young Thug & Wale

Trap Trap Trap Lyrics Intro: Beep Beep I’m sitting at the red light My ankle monitor beeping Hadn’t been charged I think I see the beeper Bounce Chorus: I took my roof off at the red light I took my roof off at the red light Trap, trap, trap, trap, trap, trap Trap, trap, trap, […]

  Nicki Minaj – No Frauds Lyrics (Remy Ma Diss) ft. Drake & Lil Wayne

No Frauds Lyrics (Remy Ma Diss) Intro: M-M-Murda Pre-Hook: Nicki Minaj I don’t need no, frauds I don’t need no, drama when you call I don’t need no, fake Soon as I wake up keep an eye out for the snakes, yeah Hook: Nicki Minaj ‘Cause I don’t need no, fraud I don’t no, drama […]

  Nicki Minaj – Changed It Lyrics ft. Lil Wayne

Changed It Lyrics [Verse 1 – Lil Wayne] I did it for everybody out here on their own I did it for the ones who walk a mile in them cages And never tell me no Come get me when I fall, and tell me when I’m wrong But you should know I bought ’em […]

  Nicki Minaj – Regret In Your Tears Lyrics

Regret In Your Tears Lyrics [Intro] I just want the memories I’m with you [Hook/Chorus] Regret in your tears, now you taste ’em ‘Cause you know I don’t chase, I replace ’em Don’t rush, take time, take some I just want the memories, tried to make some with you You Now I gotta erase some […]

  Foxy Brown – Breaks Over Lyrics (Remy Ma Diss)

Breaks Over Lyrics Talkin’ shit about me to a deaf room Yo Fox, murder that pussyclat On some bloodclat Yo Fox, murder that bloodclat Brooklyn, I’ma kill this bitch The take over, you fakes over, nigga Got a little shine, okay, thank Mona Heard your little rhymes, okay, Brooklyn, I’m on I’m on my ’96 […]

  2 Chainz – Good Drank 2.0 Lyrics ft. Quavo & Gucci Mane

Good Drank 2.0 Lyrics Verse 1: Used to treat my mattress like the ATM, yeah Bond number 9 that’s my favorite scent, yeah Can’t forget that kush, I’m talking OG, yeah Rest in peace to pop, he was an OG, alright now 285 I had that pack on me, uh I cannot forget I had […]

  Jennifer Hudson – Remember Me Lyrics

Remember Me Lyrics There you are Yeah you found me Strong enough to break my sleep Say you’re hurt Say you’re lonely Say I forgot to give you what you need But I promise you gold Yeah I have it hold I was bound to was bound to I couldn’t give anymore ‘cause it’s already […]

  Quavo, Travis Scott & Lil Uzi Vert – Go Off Lyrics

Go Off Lyrics [Intro – Travis Scott] Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah “yeah” Yeah, yeah, yeah [Hook/Chorus – Quavo & Travis Scott] One more ride “ride” One more race “race” We go all out, we don’t play One more ride, one more race We don’t slow down, ain’t no brakes I’ma go off “yeah” […]

  Snoop Dogg – Promise You This Lyrics

Promise You This Lyrics [Intro] Say man that n***a promised me a record deal man That n***a promised me he was gon’ come over man and do some things with me man That n***a Snoop Dogg promised me, man the n***a promised a whole lotta stuff man But he didn’t come through man Look n***a, […]

  Ace Hood – Give Thanks Lyrics

Give Thanks Lyrics [Intro] Devil get off me Blessed up Count up Nation Woo [Hook/Chorus] Rollie with the new face Pocket full of blue faces Over feeling my safe Over working my faith I just got to give thanks I just got to give thanks We just having our way I just gotta give thanks […]

  Meek Mill – King Lyrics

King Lyrics [Intro] N****s tried to crucify me We ain’t never gon’ stop We come from the m***********g dirt, you can’t bury me, n***a [Verse 1] ‘Member n****s tried to bury me Kept it real, now they mad at me Thought that millions would embarrass me But I done really been through tragedy Middle of […]

  Mike Will Made It – Gucci On My Lyrics ft. 21 Savage, YG & Migos

Gucci On My Lyrics [Intro – 21 Savage] Ransom, Ransom, Ransom, Ransom Mike WiLL Made-It [Hook/Chorus – 21 Savage] Gucci on my shirt, Gucci on my hoes, n***a Gucci on my shirt, Gucci on my hoes, n***a Rollie bust down, dripping on my clothes, n***a Gucci on my shirt, Gucci on my hoes, n***a Rollie […]

  Ed Sheeran – Eraser Lyrics

Eraser Lyrics [Verse 1] I was born inside a small town, I lost that state of mind Learned to sing inside the Lord’s house, but stopped at the age of nine I forget when I get awards now the wave I had to ride The paving stones I played upon, they kept me on the […]

  G Herbo – For Real For Real Lyrics

For Real For Real Lyrics [Hook/Chorus] Yeahhhh yeahhhh, yeahhh yeahhh “ahh””ahh” For Real for real for real for real “For Real” “ahhhh” Ain’t nothing gonna stop us “For real for real, for real for real” “ahhhhh” You know we got them 30 Poppers “For real for real, for real for real” “ahhh” You know I’d […]

  Dave East – Paper Chasing Lyrics ft. ASAP Ferg

Paper Chasing Lyrics [Intro – ASAP Ferg] Chasing, chasing, chasing, chasing Eyy (?) [Hook/Chorus – ASAP Ferg] Chasing, chasing , chasing all this paper chasing Chasing, I’m like a bad doctor, I ain’t got no patience “Yeah” I’m gon’ work for months, I won’t take vacations “Right” Chasing, chasing, chasing all this paper chasing Chasing, […]

  Kanye West – Bed Yeezy Season 5 Lyrics ft. The-Dream

Bed Yeezy Season 5 Lyrics Intro: Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayyyyy (x8) Ayy Oh-oh, oh-ohhhh Verse 1: Girl, change into that Victoria Secret thing that I like Alright, okay, tonight you’re having me your way Perfume, spray it there, put our love in the air Now put me right next to you, finna raise the temp’ […]

  Iggy Azalea – Can’t Lose Lyrics ft. Lil Uzi Vert

Can’t Lose Lyrics [Chorus] I might pull up in the coupe, yeah Yeah my car got no roof, yeah All that friendship be killing my mood I am a winner, can’t lose Yeah, hey I am a winner, can’t lose Keep on winning, I can’t lose, yeah I am not worried ’bout you Winning, winning, […]

  Trey Songz – Song Goes Off Lyrics

Song Goes Off Lyrics [Verse 1] No you, we imagined to You making back to You and me been past due Nothing else matters, let’s talk about it the morning after Girl, they won’t know if we take off All your friends in the bathroom drunk I just can’t let you walk off Still got […]

  Wale – Soke Freestyle Lyrics ft. Burna Boy

Soke Freestyle Lyrics [Intro – Wale] “Uhh” Bounce!!!uhh bounce ehh yeah Ehh ehh yeah yeah Ehhhh, yeah, eh “eh” Girl keep dancing “girl keep dancing” Girl I see you “Girl I see you” Keep on dancinnn [Verse 1 – Wale] I’m out right now Your on your defense I can see you I’m in your […]

  Remy Ma – Another One Lyrics

Another One Lyrics [Intro] Funkmaster Flex night Funkmaster Flex, Funkmaster Flex, Funkmaster Flex Remy, not another one Why? Oh man, oh man, oh man, not again Rem! [Verse 1] I guess you know now who the head b***h is I’m a savage, I be killing dead b*****s I bet you wish that you ain’t never […]

  Young M.A – Kween (Freestyle) Lyrics

Kween Freestyle Lyrics [Intro] Oh man, what’s wrong with these n****s man? Motherfuckers thought they was gon’ They thought they was gon’ count me out man? Like I ain’t a part of this s**t Like I ain’t go hard for this s**t Like I ain’t the god of this s**t Yeah, I said it It’s […]

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